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Business in a Box

Launch, scale & grow your business with support.

I am excited to announce my newest service-Business In A Box. With Business In A Box you will receive everything you need to launch, scale or grow (re-brand) your business.

Services Include:

  • Two 90 Minute-Business Strategy Sessions so we can define a clear plan and road map for the next 90 days. We will build your revenue streams and design your marketing plan.
  • Branding graphics for online and print so you can stand out above your competition.
  • A professional and customized website that will highlight your business services and you as the CEO.
  • Support and follow up sessions as you grow.

Business in a box is offered at a basic level for owners who are launching and a more advanced level for established businesses ready to scale. Book a free strategy call below so we can define what support you need to grow.

As a business owner of multiple businesses for over 20 years, I know what it takes to build a successful business that is healthy and sustainable for the long term. I have built 7 successful businesses from the ground up in a variety of different industries. I am passionate about supporting and growing a thriving small business community. Click below to book a free strategy session.

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Society Girl Global

Join the network & grow

Casey Kuckert is the Founder of The Society Girl Global Business Network. SGG is one of the fastest growing communities for female entrepreneurs that are on a mission to DREAM big, CHASE their GOALS and make an IMPACT in their communities. SGG provides an Online platform, Events at their Headquarters in Southern Utah, Business Growth Retreats, Community & Support.

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Game Changer

A workbook to organize your goals & life

Let's get you organized, shall we? The Game Changer Workbook will get you organized, focused and on the right path to chasing your goals and dreams. Organization and focus give you the ability to work efficeintly, saving you money, frustration and time. From running a household to maintaining a professional life, being prooperly organized will get you there. Learn how to prioritize, get to know yourself better, surround yourself with a high level support system and so much more in the Game Changer Workbook.

The Game Changer also includes space to set goals and reflect monthly. Along with space for notes, ideas and victories. Your dreams and passions are waiting. The world needs your big ideas, pure heart and bright light. Let the Game Changer help support your true purpose in life while getting you organzied and productive again.

This is a SIMPLE, yet productive workbook! I know how busy you are and how intimidating a big thick workbook would be!

You can purchase your copy on amazon, just follow this link:

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