How to stay classy and walk away from hate with class.

Walk Away From Hate With Class!

“Kill them with success and bury them with a smile” (in your favorite red lipstick).

Talk about a hard one! This tip is much easier said than done. There are times when you feel like you need to run and get some glue so you can glue your mouth shut! This is an all too often problem I see and definitely experience myself.

I hope you are excited and ready to conquer your “passion killers” once and for all, I hope you are ready to Break The Chains that are holding you back in your life. In this article we will work on boosting your confidence by defining who you are on your own terms.

Until a few years ago I never knew what the word “hater” meant. I had heard the word “haters” and I knew it existed but I was not sure of the true definition of the word. Through a lot of learning and exposure I am here to say I have experienced the meaning of the word several times over and I am bound and determined to live my life being empowered by the Casey Kuckert Hater’s Nation of the world vs being brought down by them.

What I have learned? The more you have going for yourself, and the more you start to shine, the more the jealous and insecure try and bring you down. I am not going to lie; this makes me sad. Sad because as women I can’t help but think how much more powerful we could be as a community if we stood together and boosted each other up vs tear each other down.

Each day I try my best to walk away from the hate with class. I refuse to lower my standards and engage with the same behaviors that are often thrown at me. If I know one thing to be true, you will lead the way staying classy and confident. By doing this you will find your own power and confidence in who you really are.

First things first, we must define and recognize the group. Answer these questions:

1.      Who in your life brings you down?

2.      Who tells you your ideas are crazy and there is no way you could accomplish them?

3.      Who tells you that you are fake and do not represent what you stand for?

These my dear friends are your hater squad. They want nothing more than to suck you dry and to make you lower your standards because they do not have the courage to raise theirs. Unfortunately, a lot of the times, the members of your hater squad are close friends and family members.

What can you do to handle with class?

1.      Set clear and concise boundaries and stick to them.

2.      Be very selective about the advice you take from them. 

3.      Remember that even Mother Theresa had haters.

Most importantly, always walk away with class, never lower your standards and fight back with the same behavior. It is bad enough to experience hate, but you will feel even worse when you let yourself down by expressing the same bad behavior. Learn and grow ladies! When you walk away with class, that is where you truly find your power!

Here's to your success,

Casey Kuckert

Empowerment Coach

Helping Women Create A Kick Ass Life