The Only Way To Achieve Work-Life Balance

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say “Work-Life Balance”? Does it feel impossible? Is it even a goal for you? Is there a way to achieve that balance? With more and more women working unconventional out-of-the-office jobs- how can we find that peace and balance? And what about those demanding 9-5 jobs that keep us plugged into our emails all evening? Let’s take a closer look at this work-life balance and what we can incorporate into our lives to finally feel content and satisfied.

First, how do you define balance? Sometimes laundry doesn’t get done, or you miss your child’s school performance- but that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t balanced. The definition of balance is “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” So, distributing weight (or tasks) to keep us (and our lives) upright is the goal. Looking inside yourself and determining what balance looks like to you is the first and most important step. Balance is going to look different for everyone. Some women would never dream of missing their morning workout- while others always have dinner on the table, no matter what. There is no right or wrong answer. But take a few minutes and write down your MUSTS and let’s go from there.

Here are a few things we have found that help us feel more balanced. These aren’t hard and fast rules- but keep them in mind next time you’re feeling out of whack and overwhelmed.

Wherever you are- be there.

If you’re at work- don’t be thinking about the chores at home or the kid’s schedules. Focus on work. When you are home STOP CHECKING EMAILS and just keep your mind at home. For the most part, we have set up unrealistic expectations for ourselves that keeps us replying to emails and answering phone calls well after we have “clocked out”. Be honest with yourself and you’ll realize that 99% of those emails can wait until the morning. Then, while you’re at work, leave your home behind. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important. Giving 100% at work will help you feel satisfied as you leave. Mindfulness is a big part of this step. You can read more tips on becoming more mindful HERE

Stop comparing.

It’s time ladies. It’s time to stop looking through the window and start enjoying what we see in the mirror. It does.not.matter. how Kelly across the street handles her business and family life. How she rocks her world is none of your business and it won’t serve you. Don’t get discouraged if it feels like the Kelly in your life has it all together (spoiler: she doesn’t!). The more you focus on the women around you the more miserable you will be. This includes social media. Give yourself permission to unfollow and unfriend. Try this: go home tonight and write down everything you’re really good at. Don’t be shy! Making a list of your strengths will help you see your talents and help you realize you actually have this balance thing going pretty well.

Find joy and be willing to let go.

Our last thought on balance- it’s going to be easier when you’re enjoying your life. Look for the happiness and joy in all areas of your life. If your home responsibilities are starting to feel overwhelming- look for things you can drop. Maybe your home cleaning schedule doesn’t HAVE to happen every day. Maybe your bathroom can go day without being scrubbed (don’t shoot the messenger!) The key here is to notice what is stressing you out personally-and seeing if you can let some of it go. Let go of expectations you haven’t agreed to. Let go of a standard you don’t really agree with. As you simplify it will be easier to see the things you love and find value in. At the end of the day, what are you most proud of? What do you love? Focus on these things- and that balance will start to fall into place as you let the unimportant things go.

So there you have it. Maybe not the article you were hoping for when we say "work-life balance", but in our experience the only way to achieve that balance is to define what balance looks like for you, and then achieving it becomes possible. Let us know what work-life balance means to you in the comments below.