Work Smarter, Not Harder

No. 1 Tip To Work Smarter, Not Harder When Selling.

Segment Selling-Work Smarter not Harder!

Who’s in? Are you ready to start working smarter instead of working harder? Better yet, what if your customers could work for you and share some of your work load? Sounds amazing, right? Let’s talk…

FIRST, spot check….

How is your energy level doing these days regarding sales? Are you excited each day to start the day with selling? Do you have sales ideas and marketing content flowing so fast you can’t keep up? Wow! Wouldn’t this be the best feeling in the world when you think of the word sales?

I remember these days. I remember thinking, how am I going to be able to reach out to enough potential prospects? How will I think of enough creative and marketing processes? This can keep you in a state of constant stress and leave you drained and unmotivated! I was tired of feeling this way and tired of the feeling of desperation when it came to selling. I knew there had to be an easier way to sell. I knew there had to be a way to work smarter when it came to sales vs working harder. I was excited when I created the process of segment selling. I was ready to break the chains holding me back in my business! I was even more excited when I started seeing positive results with the process. Are you ready to crack the code and see how easy this can be?

When segment selling, you focus on your top 20 (or a number relative to your business size) hot targets at a time.

You will nurture these targets, keep in front of them, stay consistent and watch the sales come in! It can be overwhelming trying to reach out to hundreds of prospects at a time that segment selling has simplified and recharged the way I sell. The best part about this process is when you start crossing off targets that you have sold and get to add new ones to the list!

These are the steps I follow in start segment selling.


Who are your Top 20’s? Define your perfect customer.  For example, in my Insurance Agency, my perfect customer is a home owner, they own automobiles, they own a boat or some type of outdoor toy, they make good income, they have income and assets to protect. These customers present many products I want to insure. They are my ideal household that I want to sell and capture.


Make your hot list. Which potential prospects are the top 20 that you will stop at nothing until you capture them as a client and repeat customer.


Once you have your hot list then it is time to start getting in front of your customer. Make a specific piece of marketing material, personalize it and mail it to the customers on your hot list. For the example, I make a flyer each month designed around the holiday with a specific marketing message and envelope stuffer.


Repeat each month until the customer is captured. Once the customer is captured you are always replacing that target with another perfect prospect so you have a rotating Top 20. This is the fun part, each month when you get ready to send out your mailer, you get to cross off your sales and add new prospects to the list.

By focusing on this segment of prospects, once you start selling from your hot list, these sales make up for several small sales.

Remember the art of selling is not always about working hard and getting in front of a lot of potential prospects, you can work smarter to capture more sales from your ideal prospects!

I would love to hear from you. Let me know how this process is working. If you need some tips on the monthly branding material I send to my Top 20’s, or would like to discuss your business challenges, book a Break Through Session with me, I would love to talk business!

Here’s to your success,

Casey Kuckert

Empowerment Coach

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