Break Free From The Chains

No. 1 Tip To Avoid Stress and Overwhelm At The Office.

Break Free From The Chains Tying You To Your Desk To Avoid Stress and Overwhelm!

It’s about to get deep, take a time out and grab a nice quiet place to focus on you. Girl, if there is one thing I have learned that has made the biggest impact on my career, and my life in general it was letting go and break the chains that were tying me to my desk! Really, the only chains you should be wearing is a classy gold one around your wrist to accessorize your outfit! It is time that you break free and reach your true potential. Got your attention?

I know, what you’re thinking, what exactly do you mean by “letting go” of the chains that are tying me to my desk? The deal is, you are a female-professional and with that title comes the “so called” role of if I am not here everything will fall apart. I must be here for everyone; my team, customers, management, etc. Everyone must be able to feel like they can get my help and support asap!

Yes, these were the words right from my own “perfect lipstick lined” lips for the first 15 years of my career, and since we are being honest here, believing in these words sucked the life right out of my SOUL! I almost let these words overtake everything I had built and everything I had once had pride in lead me to sell and run away as fast as I could! Thank god, during the exhaustion before I took any harsh measures I decided to take a break from my “office” and manage remotely for a while. I needed a break from everyone needing and pulling from me every minute of every single day. I was exhausted! It was time to break the chains that were holding me back in my life and business. Since I know the feelings so well, and I am that typical woman “hero of everything” type girl, I would have to bet you have either felt this way or in fact are feeling it right now.

Sigh and take a deep breath. I know, it is overwhelming. But, guess what? I made it through, and I want you to know you can make it through too!

I am happy to share I have a completely different way I manage and run my businesses, it was through that completely exhausting and dark time I found the light of the true way Bad Ass Business Women were supposed to build, inspire and live their life! And for the record, it is AMAZING! I am energized, motivated, and empowered to help women build their personal and professional career from the Soul Up (hence, the birth of Break the Chains) and to show you a different way of nurturing and growing that you have never experienced before.

These feelings of freedom and purposeful success defined by my own terms are worth every challenge along the way! I control my day; my day does not control me. I nurture myself every morning before I “dive in”, I take SOUL BREAKS throughout the day, I get out and market in my community, I get out and meet new customers, I take a long walk with meditation in the afternoon, I truly believe this is the life we as women, who hold it all up, are supposed to live.

If you are already telling yourself that you do not have time to take a break, and that there is no way you can pull off what I do, my response is; yes you can, you can’t afford not to take some breaks! You are going to burn out, you are going to exhaust yourself and sell yourself short of your true potential. You don’t have to take a drastic jump, you can take a baby step, but I encourage you to do something different than being chained to your desk every minute of every day!

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Here’s to your success,


Casey Kuckert

Empowerment Coach

Helping Women Create A Kick Ass Life