Create The Vision

How To Bring Passion To Your Vision.

Do it with passion or not at all.

Have you been searching for direction or a vision for your passion? Have you been feeling overwhelmed and lacking the sense of freedom from your life or business? Girl, you are not alone. With over 20 years of being a professional woman and small business owner, I have experienced the challenges and felt the fear. By not giving up, I was able to turn my small business into a multi-million-dollar company. It has not been easy but I made it and carved a path for like-minded women like you! I went for it and do it with passion or not at all, I was able to break the chains that were holding me back in my business!

We have been experiencing a life changing week in the Women's Empowerment Network, I would love to share what we have been up to. We have been finding a vision to create freedom and passion in our life and business. In case you are new or unfamiliar with The Collective, we inspire, empower and connect with like-minded ladies, female entrepreneurs, professional women, 9-5er’s with a passion job on the side, mama-preneurs and all who fall anywhere in between as we strive to be Bad Ass Professional Women in our careers, businesses and lives. The group is for every girl or woman (no matter the age) looking to nurture her Inner Girl Boss Soul while connecting and empowering women around the world.

‍We connect, support, cheer on, and educate so we can live our best lives possible starting from the Soul Up. Let’s face it, a group of creative, powerful, girl boss minds are a force of energy that will shift throughout the world!

This week we have started a 7-day passion and freedom challenge. Here is a sneak peek on how the first 3 days of the challenge works:

‍Day 1-If you can’t figure out your purpose, find your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. -TD Jakes

Challenge; search around for an idea for a vision board. Pinterest has some really great examples. Write these ideas and materials needed in your notebook. You are looking for examples that interest you. There are so many different versions of the boards. It can be digital and you can use them as screen savers, or create a beautiful piece of art to display as a constant reminder of your path.

‍If you are killing it in sales, you need a vision. If you are lacking in sales and worried about your business you need a vision. If you are a small business owner with a team, you need a vision. If you are solo and independent, you need a vision. If you want to be successful, no matter how you define that for yourself, you need a vision!

‍Day 2-Today, create or find your favorite inspirational sayings and quotes. During this challenge, let go of all the limitations you or the outside world has put on yourself. Just go to where you are drawn and what motivates you. Make note of as many as you can come up with. 

I am learning as I go through life, success has a different meaning with your experiences. I am redefining my success with feelings and emotions. It becomes more meaningful and rewarding if I use the result based on feelings vs an income number or status, although are important aspects, the feelings are really where the rewards are at!


Success means to me, having a small business that empowers me to do my best every day. A business where I feel passion and inspiration to make a difference in lives of my team and the community around the world. Success means I have freedom from my business to be able to do things I love while the business continues to grow. My business gives me the platform to be able to inspire women to create a life they love. 

‍Helpful questions to ask yourself to get started:

How do I feel about myself or want to feel about myself?

What type of words push me to not give up and accomplish my goals?

What inspires me, what makes me feel alive and excited to wake up each day?

‍Here is a list of some words that you may relate to:














‍Day 3-Today create or find pictures that represent your vision and goals. This can be from magazines, your favorite books, or online. You are looking for images that represent the vision for your quotes you created yesterday to bring those to life. What things do you want to accomplish in the next month, year, or five years from now? Look for images to represent your personal life and your career. Bringing your goals to life with not only words, but pictures, will accelerate the process and give you a visual to focus on every day. Bring the life you want to live to life, then act like you are living it! One of my favorite sayings that relates; “You can’t act like flip flops and expect to be treated like LOUBOUTINS”!

‍Now, to finish your vision combine Day 1, 2 and 3, bring your vision to life! I love how my vision board turned out. I am excited to use this as an art piece in my office space. We had amazing ideas and inspiration spreading through the group and a lot of transformations happening.

‍If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or feel like there is more out there for you, let's talk! Book a free Break Through Session with me.

‍Here’s to your success,

Casey Kuckert

Empowerment Coach

Helping Women Create A Kick Ass Life