How To Avoid Distractions During Your Office Hours

Whether you work from home or in a 9-5 office job, distractions are probably keeping you from top productivity. Having designated work hours is essential to your health (so stop checking those emails after you leave work!) and can help you feel more balanced in your life. But how do you make the most of that time slotted for work? Keep reading to learn ways you can change your space, mindset and habits to create the most efficient way to finish that workload.

Set the scene.

Where you work plays a huge role for productivity. Are you sitting on the couch amongst toys that need to be put away and laundry that needs to be folded? If so, your mind isn’t going to be able to focus. Have a set spot in your home where you can go and work- even if it’s just for 30 minutes at a time. Keep this space clean, organized and ready. Some people get a whole room, while others might just find a corner in their bedroom. Size doesn’t really matter- but your intention does. For those mom bosses who work in an office- the same rules apply! Set the scene for your day with a clear desk, little distractions and maybe even a plant. If you’re having a hard time organizing your space- visit our Design and Organizing services! We can help you create that dream space where productivity will flourish.

Stop multitasking!

Every time you switch to a new task your brain must change direction. While it might seem seamless to you, it takes up precious mental space. It’s better to batch create and focus on one specific task at a time. Have a dozen emails to handle? Reply to them all at once. Need to get your social media posts ready for the week? Schedule them all before handling the next thing on your to-do list. Answering an email while waiting for your Facebook post to load ISN’T really saving you time or energy. Start ordering your To-Do lists into similar tasks, instead of ascending order and you’ll find yourself getting more done.

Just close that Facebook tab.

We’ve all been sucked down the black hole of Facebook (or Instagram…or Twitter…or Pinterest!) right in the middle of our work day. It’s time to just log out. Taking a break is important during the day but having that "break" always open is just leading to distractions. Instead, make a conscious effort to only hop on social media at specific times of the day- and set at timer so that quick 5 minutes doesn’t turn into 30.

Set goals.

Finally- one of the most important ways you can up your productivity and efficiency at work- set goals. Our new workbook “The Game Changer” is a step-by-step guide to get you growing and productive again. Casey helps you nail down your deepest desires and goals- and the biggest things that are holding you back. Plus, with tools like accountability partners and deadlines, this workbook is your guide to achieving your goals and keeping you on track. You can purchase your workbook here and join our Facebook group that will introduce you to other like-minded women ready to crush their goals!