Jumpstart Your Sales Volume

A Quick Tip To Jumpstart Your Sales Volume.

Jump Starting Your Sales Volume May Be Easier Than You Think!

Let’s talk, let’s discuss how you are really feeling about sales and your sales volume. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the thought of even mentioning the word sales?

You might be thinking, the word “sales” reminds you of how far behind you are on your goals, it might make you think about the lack of energy you or your team are experiencing. You might be thinking how overwhelmed and stuck you are feeling. Sales can be tough! Selling takes a lot of motivation, drive and focus. I can relate to all the feelings and experiences I just mentioned. I have been there and experienced the thought of “how am I going to turn this around”? However, jump starting your sales volume might be easier than you think. Are you ready to break the chains that are holding you back from selling in your business?

What was the change in my business that tripled my sales volume?

I got organized and made time to sell. I made time to quote! Then I made that a daily habit. You are probably thinking, I was not expecting organization, I thought you were going to reveal some top secret high-level tip? The tip is, you must get organized to sell. It is so important to schedule time to sell. It must be scheduled on your daily calendar, a reminder set and you must be willing to stop what you are doing and focus on sales! Your day will get away from you, it will be 5:00 before you know it if you are working only on what is being thrown at you. Have you not said these words before; "where did my day go"? It is so important to have control of your day and not let your day control you.

I know, I get it, it’s hard to do. When you are the leader or the sole person in your business you have a million things to juggle, but if you do not schedule time to act towards sales, where is your income going to come from in your business?

In my business, I put in place one hour call blocks. My sales team focus for that hour is sales. They are looking for a quote, following up on a quote or selling to a customer. The team member will only pause if a customer is in front of them, other than that they are selling or quoting.

‍At first, one hour may seem too overwhelming, start with thirty minutes. Do 30-minute call blocks twice a week. Think about the increased activity you will generate in your business over a month? I guarantee you will increase your sales volume by focusing on your sales volume!

Here are a couple of tips to get started:

1. Best times to call customers

·                  8am, 1pm and 4 pm.

·                  Wednesday’s are the best sales days.

2. When mailing a sales or marketing piece, mail it on Monday and follow up on Wednesday’s or Thursday's for best results! 

‍Start today, schedule your call blocks for the week.

I would love to hear how this is working for you.  If you get stuck, let’s talk through it and put the process in place. Book a BREAK THROUGH SESSION with me. The sales income this will generate is worth giving it a shot!

Here’s to your success,

Casey Kuckert

Empowerment Coach

Helping Women Create A Kick Ass Life