5 Apps To Boost Your Productivity

When we think of technology we often think of convenience, speed and ease. We might also think it's overwhelming, distracting and never ending. While you might feel you do not need another thing to learn, we believe these apps are worth it. We are sharing 5 apps worth having on your devices and how they can boost your productivity and workflow. Have a favorite not on this list? Leave it in the comments below.


Google Drive

This first one comes because we fought it for a while. Why have Google Drive on my phone when it works just fine on a computer? Just go ahead and download it anyway and you’ll see how wrong I was. Having Google Drive on your phone now takes your access to a whole new level. Add Google Docs to your device as well to save time and energy and that extra trip to your desktop to open or edit your documents. Google Drive is really the best place to create and store documents to make sure you have them whenever and wherever you need them. It takes organizing files to a new level of ease. Open most recently viewed in just one click or drag and drop several documents into a new folder.You’ll be amazed at how smoothly it can be integrated into any office or work plan. Remember you can share files to specific group members or make it public and send out to a large selection.


Gone are the days where you must find a computer, print off a document, sign and then scan that signed paper back into your computer. Now you can digitally sign scanned or send documents with ease. HelloSign lets you draw your signature or type in your name and then just click each section where your signature is needed. It’s even integrated with Google Drive so everything can get signed according to plan. We’re just sorry we haven’t told you about this one sooner!


Teaming up with the idea above, iScanner is a great tool to get physical paper files scanned and into your device and computer. Just take a photo of the paper you want to scan, adjust the crop if needed and email the new digital version to yourself. It’s really just as easy as taking a photo. Can it get any better than that? You can even save multiple files for future reference or send the scanned image via text message.


Your video calls just got easier with Zoom. It’s an awesome tool for meetings with 100+ people and includes text chat, screen sharing and even call-recording. Needing to set up a meeting? Just send them a zoom invite and they’ll know what to do next. This is great for those consultation-based businesses who would rather skip the FaceTime option and have something more professional. Zoom is free for up to 40-minute meetings.


I know what you’re thinking- with all these new apps, how am I supposed to remember my passwords? Look no further than LastPass. Instead of remembering every secure password you’ve created- there’s an app for that. LastPass securely keeps your private info and can check for insecure passwords on your frequently used accounts. You can even have LastPass generate the password for you, ensuring you a step up from your “vacation12” password you’ve been using for everything.

There are a dozen more great apps out there. What are you loving? Or is there an area we didn't cover? Let us know and we'd be happy to share more of our favorites.