3 Reasons Why Group Retreats Are Holding You Back

Group retreats are the traditional solution for people seeking help and direction. But here are three reasons why that group retreat might be holding you back- and why a Spa Soul Retreat is different.

1. Forced to Follow Groups Schedule

The whole idea behind a retreat is to relax and recharge- but what if you can’t take that extra 30 minutes stretching in the morning? Or you have to head off to lunch when you’re not quite hungry? While many group retreats have wonderful resources on their schedule- it’s very rare that schedule will meet the needs of everyone in the group. Being able to balance your time, energy and focus exactly where you need it is essential for a successful experience.

2. Activities and Exercises May or May Not Be What You Need to Heal

Your experiences are unlike anyone else. Which means what it takes for you to grow, shift and heal will be unlike anyone else. Many group retreat participants go searching for solidarity and support from the group. But, instead, find a foccus on an area they don’t really need and not enough time spent on what is most beneficial for them.

3. Personal Attention is Limited or Non-Existent

We have found, from our experience, that personal attention is the key behind true change and success. Having the undivided attention of someone who is clear on your goals is irreplaceable. Group retreats simply aren't set up in a way that allows for that personal attention to be evenly distributed.

There are many benefits to a group retreat including gaining friendships and feeling relaxed for a few days. But real, true, sustained growth comes when your soul can be nourished by


Why the Soul Spa Retreat is Different

Every session is 100% focused on you! It is a personalized retreat that is all about your specific goals, needs and getting your life back on track.Throughout the retreat you’ll meet in private sessions with St. George’s master healers and practitioners. Your Spa Soul Retreat will be guided by Master Empowerment Coach, Casey Kuckert. Based on a powerful conversation, Casey carefully selects a series of retreat experiences. Each session is meant to build on each other and are chosen for its ability to meet your deepest soul’s needs. Watch the clip as Casey Kuckert explains who would benefit from a Soul Spa Retreat on the popular daytime television show Good Things Utah.

Here’s to your success,

Casey Kuckert

Empowerment Coach

Helping Women Create A Kick Ass Life